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About this section

David is one of the most highly respected and followed analysts of US REITs.


About the author

David Auerbach

David Auerbach


David Auerbach has been in the securities business for over 20 years serving as an institutional trader specializing in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust), Equity and Preferred stocks, MLPs, ETFs, and Closed End Funds.  He has spent his entire career in Dallas, TX.

David is the Chief Investment Officer at Hoya Capital and Hoya ETFs, the sub-advisor behind the Residential REIT Income ETF (HAUS) and The Private Real Estate Strategy via Liquid REITs ETF (PRVT).  David is also a consultant with IRRealized, LLC focused on corporate access in the REIT industry.  David departed Esposito Securities after 6½ years in December 2018 where he helped to build out the REIT/Real Estate platform with institutional investors and Equity REITs and worked with ETF issuers on seeding, relationship building, and order execution.  David also specialized in Closed End Fund stocks handling large blocks of trades in highly illiquid names.  He also built a niche working with partners in handling new preferred offerings.


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In Part 1 of our Earnings Recap - Winners of REIT Earnings Season - we discussed the nine best-performing property sectors, a list that included Retail, Hotel, and Healthcare REITs. Unlike the second quarter, which saw a handful of truly poor reports and unexpectedly...

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