Inflation and GDP Heat Maps

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About this section

Peter analyses, and demonstrates via data, where global  GDP and inflation is, and is heading.

The clear graphic depiction of sector trends, broken down country by country plus data, is an incredibly useful guide and tool for any investor. 


About the author

Dr Peter Warburton

Dr Peter Warburton

Economic Perspectives

Dr Peter Warburton is director of Economic Perspectives Ltd, an international consultancy, and managing director of Halkin Services Ltd. He was economist to Ruffer LLP, an investment management company, for 15 years and spent a similar length of time in the City as economic advisor and UK economist for the investment bank Robert Fleming and at Lehman Brothers.

Previously, he was an economic researcher, forecaster and lecturer at the London Business School and what is now the Bayes Business School. He published Debt and Delusion in 1999. He has been a member of the IEA’s Shadow Monetary Policy Committee since its inception in 1997. He is a contributor to the Practical History of Financial Markets course run by Didasko, an education company, at Heriot-Watt University, and teaches occasionally at Cardiff Business School.


Global Inflation Heat Maps October/November 2023

European inflation took a tumble in September, closing the gap with the US and parts of Asia. Japan remains an outlier in terms of policy action and central bank messaging. The good news on food inflation continues and core inflation rates in advanced economies are...

Global Inflation Heat Maps July/August 2023

Global Inflation Heat Maps July/August 2023

While the overall picture is clearly disinflationary, notably in Asia ex-Japan and US, core inflation is stickier in Europe and Japan. It is a concern that energy prices may have bottomed out and annual comparisons could turn unfavourable later in the year. Labour markets remain very tight and there is little sign of wage deceleration.

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