Global Alternative Investing

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About this section

Bill brings his market nous, experience, personality and intellect to this unique analysis of the sometimes hard-to-penetrate world of Alternatives…


About the author

Bill Blain

Bill Blain

Bowline Capital Solutions

Bill Blain is CEO of Windshift Capital Advisors, author of Blain’s Morning Porridge, and is principal of Bowline Capital Solutions, advising clients on alternative asset investments. He is a well-known market commentator, and a practising investment banker in the alternative private debt and equity sector.

His clients include sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, insurance and pension managers, credit funds and family offices.


The AI everything revolution

The AI everything revolution

In this first article on opportunities in alternative assets, Bill Blain, MD of Bowline Capital Solutions and author of Blain’s Morning Porridge, looks at the emerging BioManufacturing Sector.

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